Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal is not available as a payment option.

If you want to add or remove products from your order, contact us at

Order will only be canceled if it is not shipped. After the shipment, cancellation will not be possible.

A confirmation email with the tracking number will be sent after the order is processed and prepared for shipment.

Please check both inbox and spam folders for an email with tracking information.

If you don’t receive the email with tracking number within 5 business days of placing the order, you can contact us at

Our products are carefully handled and stored in warehouse fully equipped with refrigerators. These refrigerators store botulinum toxins at the temperature of 2° C to 8° C.

The room temperature of the warehouse is monitored and maintained. Any changes in the temperature are detected by an electronic thermostat.

Once toxins are dispatched, it is strongly recommended to store them in the fridge rather than in room temperature or freezer. Innotox is the only botulinum toxin that can resist in temperature up to 40° C, if stored in a closed bottle.

Note: It is never recommended to store toxins once the bottle is opened. If necessary, then keep the open bottle in the fridge and use it up to one month based on doctor's experience. But it can be less effective up to 10%. 

This may appear so at first sight; however, we assure you the bottle is not empty.

Botulinum toxins mostly come in a powdered form* (with the exception of Innotox).

The powder is very fine that it can easily be mistaken for an empty bottle, however we can assure you that all of your units are accounted for.

*You will need to dilute the toxin with the saline to use it.

We strongly recommend that the given products are used solely by licensed professionals who are trained and experienced with these products.

We don’t have information about the medical histories and health conditions of our customers that’s why we don’t offer any instructions to manage or on usage of our products, medical aesthetics and devices.

We also recommend to kindly consult a medical professional for any doubts or concerns about the usage of these products.

Kindly be aware, for any damages or any reaction due to the improper usage of these products, Aesthetic Supplies USA cannot hold responsibility.

We basically send the tracking number by email. If you did not receive it, there is a possibility that this email was put in a spam folder. Once you find it, you can track it on the logistics website.

In case if the status of the package is “delivered” but you have not received it and fail to find any update for 7 days from the shipping date, we recommend you contact your local logistics carrier.

We recommend you follow the below steps before reaching out to us.

  • Check order status on logistic providers website.
  • Note delivery date and time.
  • Contact the local logistics provider office.
  • Try to get direct contact information of the designated courier at that time.

If no solution after following these steps, contact us at

We will request an investigation with the logistics side. It can take up to 30 days from the claim date. Unfortunately, we can take no action for 30 days if there is no update from logistics. If we receive an update before the time frame, we will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

A confirmation email will be sent to the customer's email. It is recommended to check both inbox and spam.

If you have not received the confirmation email, please contact us.

After the order is processed and ready for shipment, a confirmation email with tracking number from the logistic partner is sent to the customer's email.

All products are well packed and shipped on our side. Unfortunately, we cannot control shipping companies, and can't compensate for the reason why the box is damaged. When you received a damaged package but the product inside the box is not damaged it does not count as a damaged item. Thus, there is no refund/store credit/replacement. When the product inside the box is damaged, then we can accept claims within 2 days from delivery.