How to Store Botulinum Toxins: Botox, Innotox, etc.

Our products are carefully handled and stored in warehouse fully equipped with refrigerators. These refrigerators store botulinum toxins at the temperature of 2° C to 8° C.

The room temperature of the warehouse is monitored and maintained. Any changes in the temperature are detected by an electronic thermostat.

Once toxins are dispatched, it is strongly recommended to store them in the fridge rather than in room temperature or freezer. Innotox is the only botulinum toxin that can resist in temperature up to 40° C, if stored in a closed bottle.

Note: It is never recommended to store toxins once the bottle is opened. If necessary, then keep the open bottle in the fridge and use it up to one month based on doctor’s experience. But it can be less effective up to 10%.