Package status says “Delivered” however package is not yet received

We basically send the tracking number by email. If you did not receive it, there is a possibility that this email was put in a spam folder. Once you find it, you can track it on the logistics website.

In case if the status of the package is “delivered” but you have not received it and fail to find any update for 7 days from the shipping date, we recommend you contact your local logistics carrier.

We recommend you follow the below steps before reaching out to us.

  • Check order status on logistic providers website.
  • Note delivery date and time.
  • Contact the local logistics provider office.
  • Try to get direct contact information of the designated courier at that time.

If no solution after following these steps, contact us at

We will request an investigation with the logistics side. It can take up to 30 days from the claim date. Unfortunately, we can take no action for 30 days if there is no update from logistics. If we receive an update before the time frame, we will do our best to reply to you as soon as possible.