What if the ice pack gets warm and melted when I receive my parcel?

Toxins are packed with ice packs. In case the ice packs are melted during the shipment, the temperature remains below 8°C, as the package is well insulated and no air can get inside it. This temperature is acceptable for up to 7-8 days. 

However, during summer season despite proper packaging, products may arrive in relatively warm condition. As we have stated on our Terms and Conditions, product may lose its efficiency up to 10% based on our experience and tests results. But you will still see good results, because when the product is stored in a temperature higher than 8°C, it will only lose some % of active ingredients. Toxins will still be effective and not be dangerous.

For products like Innotox, manufacturers have informed that it is already diluted, has heat resistance and can be stored up to 40°C. It is still highly recommended that the products to be stored in the fridge upon receiving.

Product description is provided with every package, which contains all information. Contact us for any issues regarding the storage process.