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    Innotox 50U


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    37 reviews for Innotox 50U

    1. Serah

      Love it 😍!

    2. Kyla

      Probably one of my favorite toxins I has tried. I love this and love the price point

    3. Bianca

      So easy to use as it already comes pre mixed . Perfect for first timers

    4. mina

      I’ve used Innotox several times and I personally think it works wonders. Pre mixed and effective

    5. Andrenna

      No diluting, just inject and go. I found using 30 gauge insulin needles was easiest. Love it!

    6. Christopher

      I used to get my Botox professionally done and I have tried other DIY toxins however in and talked is definitely my favorite I will 100% be using it again

    7. Susette

      Amazing product very happy with how this product is easy to use and works amazing. This is a one-of-kind Botox injection because it is in a liquid rather than in a powder form. Because of that it is can be applied via injection immediately without any special preparation.

    8. Salma

      I like this toxin however I prefer Nabota over this. Its good but not as effective in my opinion as Nabota

    9. Terri

      Better than Nabota. I use this for a lip flip and this will last a month. Nabota lasts 2 weeks. Two syringes make 3 treatments. If I put too much, my smile is not the shining light it should be. I have to make a choice. Sexy lips? Shining smile?

    10. Katie

      I’ve tried several different Botox products available by Aesthetics Supplies USA and this one is my favorite, although it’s frequently unavailable. It’s the only toxin that comes reconstituted and I’ve noticed that the leftover toxin holds up in my fridge for a longer amount of time. 50U stretched further than I expected and the results in my forehead and lips were fantastic.

    11. Frieda

      Great product. Delivers great results. Lasts just as long as the tox you pay for in the US for a fraction of the price.

    12. Vanechay

      I like the no hassle of mixing, since I am a beginner to botox.

    13. Carla

      Smoothed out the forehead line I was getting and I also used it for an eyebrow lift and DAO smile lift. Good quality.

    14. Michelle

      I love that it’s mixed already. I have deep wrinkles though so I could use something stronger definitely. Great product though.

    15. mona

      I have used this twice now. I loved that it is already constituted. Works pretty good but I hope to find something better because my wrinkles are deep and noticable.

    16. Sara

      You wanna look snatch get this now! My lips look amazing I’ve never felt so secure in my life please invest in this

    17. Monica

      This is the third time using this product and it seems to work well.

    18. Chris

      Very impressed with this product!! Treated my partner and I multiple times and had consistent results! For those whom don’t want to fuss with saline, this product is mixed and ready to inject!

    19. Angelina

      I love innotox because its premixed and just so easy! I see INSTANT results with my crows feet, and results in a few days with my forehead, never again going to the plastic surgeons office, this is TOO EASY!

    20. Katya

      Advanced nurse practitioner here, this was my first time treating myself but went like a dream. I thought I’d go conservative and after 2 weeks didn’t even have to touch up. Visible results kicked in on the fourth day ,same as with Botox and from there on every next day there was less movement. Curious to find out how long it would last for me.

    21. vivian

      Great product; convenient no reconstituting, I love the quick delivery, will repurchase.

    22. Pamela

      My clients absolutely love the results from this when used as a baby Botox facial! One of my best selling treatments!

    23. Amy

      This has been my favorite go-to Tox for years, I love how you don’t have to mix with saline!

    24. Diane

      I love a product that does what it is supposed to do and couldn’t be happier with the ease of use.

    25. Colleen

      Love the price! Already mixed so very easy! Great for beginners

    26. Paige

      After 2 kids, active military life, and turning 30 I was really feeling bad about my wrinkles on my face. I feel 5 years younger now

    27. Terri

      I am very cautious with the tox because I don’t want to make mistakes. I do it every 5 weeks. I like how quickly you can see the difference.

    28. Vicki

      Wow love this product made me feel a little safer not having to mix, Tried to order again but seems not in stock. Well need to try another wonderful product.

    29. Amanda

      Love how predictable and easy this is to use. The results are fantastic.

    30. Ann

      I bought this to use in my cocktail for micro needling. I can’t give an opinion on using it as an injectable.

    31. Dragan

      Best i tried. Never buing another brand again. Good for beginners since you don’t have to mix it with saline. You can se the effect after 3 days already and it holds for 4 months on me

    32. Melissa

      So glad I found this through Aesthetics Supplies USA! Easy to use and fast acting. I usually see results within 3 days. Love it!!

    33. Gina

      I used this innotox regularly, it holds for 3 to 4 months. Great product, thank you!

    34. mimi@

      Purchased Innotox for the purpose of doing Botox facials. So far, can’t complain

    35. Athena

      Innotox works faster than most toxins and seems to last longer.

    36. Gisele

      I received my Innotox packaged well and cool. I will be using it today, and will update my progress.

    37. Gisele

      I purchased Innotox , the product is excellent it is exactly what I was looking for. The application is easy and the results owesome!!!!

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